«Is masturbation okay» . «Is masturbation okay».

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Yes, especially if either partner can x77 t have an orgasm during sex. One can teach the other how to properly rub and or thrust the right way.

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Why not elsewhere? Because the culture has not only embraced masturbation, it even has its own month to be celebrated. Planned Parenthood and Cosmo tell the masses to embrace your sexuality and enjoy masturbating because you can avoid STDs and unwanted pregnancy. But they neglect to state that sexual purity and abstinence do the same thing.

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Calm down.. You did nothing wrong and yours is OK and normal.

You only feel bad because you have been taught to feel bad about it. When you were little, at some point, even if you don x77 t remember, adults, probably parents said something like don x77 t touch that, its dirty --

Masturbation is blamed by almost every religion as a sinful pastime. Society doesn 8767 t welcome it too, though over 85% masturbate. Hence more than half of  onanists develop a sense of guilt, self-exclusion and all sorts of depression. There are two possible ways out: either change  your own attitude to masturbation, or stop doing it altogether.

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For nearly all masturbation is the first sexual experience, sometimes even foetuses masturbate befor... Masturbation is still masturbation if you aren’t with your spouse. However, for some couples, it is healthy when a woman touches herself while in the act of having sex.